Camp Rules

Camp Agreements & Rules

These rules, expectations, and agreements of Camp RYLA have been implemented to foster community, and a collaborative and fun experience for all campers and staff. 

Camp Etiquette

  1. All campers are expected to arrive and depart camp via the arranged buses. Drop-offs and early departures/tardy arrivals will not be accommodated. Extenuating circumstances may be reviewed by Support Staff. Vacation plans are not considered extenuating circumstances.
  2. Remain on Mission Springs campus at all times.
  3. Lanyards must be worn and visible at all times, including free time. 
  4. RYLA apparel (shirts and sweatshirts) must be worn at all times, excluding free time, and cannot be altered in any way nor covered by other clothing. Dress for SPARC while at camp.

Safety- Dress for Safety.

Part- Dress the Part.

Appropriately- Dress Appropriately.

Respect- Dress Respectfully.

Comfort- Dress for Comfort.

  1. You agree that your bags may be subject to search.
  2. While cell phone and electronics (airpods, headphones, and other related accessories) use is encouraged for engaging with RYLA social media platforms and learning, please be considerate of presenters and fellow campers when using your cell phone and electronics. 
  3. Be respectful of other individuals’ personal belongings and space. 
  4. County Noise  Ordinance begins at 10:00p – 7:00a. Be cognizant of noise levels on camp grounds, this includes shutting all room windows and doors.
  5. Lights Out is defined as returning to your assigned rooms with the lights off and going to sleep. Adequate rest is your responsibility.
  6. Ensure that behavior and materials at camp are kept RYLA-rated, as we seek to foster an inclusive and welcoming environment for all. Behavior and materials which may be offensive to others should not be brought or accessed at camp. 



  1. Make sure to use the buddy system and notify a Counselor of your whereabouts at all times including outside of programmed activities. Campers should never be alone.
  2. Notify the RYLA Nurse of any health concerns or problems immediately. 
  3. All medications must be in their original packaging and will be collected by and kept with the camp nurse during the course of the week. The ONLY medications that may remain with campers are inhalers, EpiPens, and birth control.
  4. Rooms must have clear pathways to exit in case of emergencies. 
  5. Follow all emergency protocols outlined by Staff. 
  6. All Camp RYLA Staff are state mandated reporters. By law, they must report any suspicion of minors being harmed, at risk of harm, causing harm to oneself or others.


Immediate Expulsion from Camp (At Parent/Guardian’s Expense)

  1. Boys are not allowed in the girls’ areas of camp and girls are not allowed on the boys’ areas of camp. If you violate this rule, you will be sent home IMMEDIATELY. 
  2. Absolutely no kissing, sex, drugs, smoking/vaping, or alcohol. You will be sent home IMMEDIATELY. Possession of any contraband or related paraphernalia will also result in being sent home.
  3. Absolutely no weapons (guns, knives, pocket knives, etc) will be permitted at Camp RYLA. Do not bring these items. If you are found in possession of a weapon, you will be sent home IMMEDIATELY.
  4. RYLA Staff reserves the right to exercise their judgment to maintain the integrity of camp. RYLA Staff may send home a camper if deemed necessary. At all times, campers should keep the Rotary 4 Way Test in mind.
  5. A guardian must be accessible throughout the entire week of camp, and will be responsible for picking up their camper at Camp RYLA should their camper be sent home.


At all times, keep the Rotary 4 Way Test in mind:

  • Is it true?
  • Is it fair?
  • Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
  • Will it build goodwill and better friendships?