Welcome Rotarians!

This page has been created to assist RYLA chairs in District 5170 sponsor campers for Camp RYLA. If you are not your club’s RYLA chair and would like to sponsor a camper, please contact your club’s RYLA chair. Note, individual Rotarians are not able to directly sponsor campers through Camp RYLA, arrangements must be made through your District 5170 Rotary Club.

Step #1:

Complete a Club Reservation Form – Ends November 30th, 2019

The Club Reservation form is used for each Rotary Club to indicate how many campers they would like to send to Camp RYLA. The initial allocation of camper spots will be 2 per each Rotary Club + 1 additional spot for each Interact Club they sponsor. If you would like additional spots, please indicate that on your reservation form. Following the deadline, additional spots will be allocated to clubs requesting clubs and timeliness will be a consideration.

The cost for each timely reserved camper spot is $620.00. Note, reserved camper spots are not finalized until payment is received.

Now Live! Club Reservation Form for Camp RYLA 2020- click here


Step #2:

Pay Camper Fees – Received by the District by January 31st, 2020

Following the club reservation, your club shall send a check to the district for payment of fees. Reserved camper spots are not finalized until payment is received. All checks payable to: Rotary District 5170.

Any payments not received by January 31st will be subject to a $50 per camper late fee and will risk forfeiting the camper spot. Please submit your check requests early!

Mail checks to:

Rotary District 5170
c/o Camp RYLA District 5170
2570 N. First Street, Suite 200
San Jose, CA 95131


Step #3:

Select Campers – Begins February 1,  2020

It is suggested that Rotarians follow an interview process to select campers for RYLA. This allows both students and Rotarians the opportunity to meet and discuss leadership, values, and expectations. Below we have a downloadable PDF of interview questions. Feel free to tailor your questions according to your interview styles and preferences…this is an example and good starting point.

Please start your camper selection early—if you wish to sponsor leaders for the next academic year, encourage your students to hold early elections to meet registration deadlines.

RYLA Chairpersons Guide PDF – Click here

Once you have selected your campers, please send their names via email to ryla5170@gmail.com, and direct the campers to our RYLA 5170 website where there will be clear instructions for them to register with camp. Camper registration will be available online starting February 1, 2020.


Step #4:

Camper Registration – Online – Available February 1, 2020
Direct Campers to Register Online – Completed by April 30, 2020

The final step for Rotarians is to keep in touch with perspective campers as they work through camper registration. During camper registration, campers will be asked for the name of their sponsoring Rotary Club and the associated  RYLA chair—please provide them with this information!

Camper Registration is now FULLY online. There are no papers to print or submit. Campers will be able to submit all their information, including parent waivers, through our online registration system and will receive a confirmation email when complete.

Jennifer Chang
District RYLA Chair
Mobile: (650)796-5366

Contact Jennifer via email

Join us for the Dave Ditto BBQ June 18th, 2020 – downloadable PDF here

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