Meet the Support Staff

RYLA Co-Chair & Co-Director

Jennifer Chang

Camper Year: 1998

Schools attended: Los Altos High School, UC San Diego,  Northeastern University School of Law

Jenn has been involved with RYLA staff since 2002 and has served as a counselor, a member of the leadership team, and now serves as co-Chair and co-Director. As she explains the magic of RYLA, she often tells people that her involvement with RYLA has undoubtedly transformed her as it shifted her career goals and changed her perspective. In her real life, Jenn works as an immigration attorney with Pyrus Law, a firm she founded in 2012. Jenn is a member of the Cupertino Rotary Club.

Director of Leadership Programming

Ed Curammeng, Ph.D.

Schools Attended: Ohlone College, San Francisco State University, UCLA

Ed C. was a Camper in 1998. He returned as a CIT in 2002 and has been a part of RYLA ever since. In a word, Ed C. describes RYLA as: transformational. He credits the lifelong relationships, ongoing critical reflection, and multiple ways RYLA can literally transform peoples’ lives, among his favorite aspects of the RYLA experience. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in the College of Education at California State University, Dominguez Hills.

Director of Infrastructure

Kaylin Potgieter

Camper Year: 2001
Schools Attended: Notre Dame High School, Saint Francis High School, California State University, Chico, University of San Francisco
Kaylin attended Camp RYLA in 2001 as a high school junior and returned as a CIT in 2003. She spent 10 years as a cabin counselor, and then returned as Camp Nurse in 2014. In 2018 she joined the leadership team, and this year is excited to join Support Staff.
Kaylin says that the RYLA community has been a positive and affirming pillar in both her youth and adult life. RYLA has taught her self-confidence, cultivated her love of giving back to others, helped her form lifelong friendships, and molded her into the leader and professional she is today.
Kaylin taught health science and leadership as a high school teacher for five years before entering the healthcare field.  She now works as an ER nurse and enjoys volunteering for RYLA each year to further her passion for working with youth.

Support Staff Intern

Grace Kim

Camper Year: 2011

Schools Attended: Foothill High School, Boston University, BU School of Public Health

Grace was introduced to RYLA through Interact and attended RYLA as a camper in 2011. She joined staff as a counselor in 2014 and is grateful to have the opportunity to continue serving camp. For Grace, RYLA has fostered growth and mentorship, offered light and meaningful relationships, and continues to inspire transformation and reflection. Currently, Grace works as a Program Officer at JSI, supporting the implementation of global health programs. She cares deeply about health equity and building equitable systems, and she strives to bring the valuable learnings from RYLA into the spaces she occupies.

Support Staff Intern 

Chris Le

Camper Year: 2010

Schools attended: Mt. Pleasant High School, University of California, Santa Barbara

Chris was been a camper in 2010. After taking a 5-year hiatus, decided to come back as a counselor and the rest is history. Chris says that RYLA is a home away from home, it’s a place that brings out the best in you, and truly gives a space to be your most authentic self. Chris says, “RYLA was able to give me a true sense of self that there was impact to be made outside my own bubble and that’s why I’ve always been drawn back”

RYLA Co-Director 

Edfrance Orjalo

Camper Year: 1998

Schools attended: San Leandro High School, San Jose State University

Edfrance attended Camp RYLA in 1998 while attending San Leandro High School.  During his time at SLHS, Edfrance was the Interact President and was also an active member in DECA.  Edfrance went on to attend San Jose State University where he earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology with a Minor in Business Management.  He currently works at Aerotek Scientific where he is a Regional Manager focusing on Recruiting Operations for the Biotech and Pharmaceutical industries, as well as assisting with the professional development and training of internal employees.  Outside of work and Camp RYLA, Edfrance enjoys being outdoors, playing basketball, riding his motorcycle, attending concerts and spending time with his friends and family.  Overall, Edfrance has been a part of Camp RYLA for 16 years and has continued to support activities and events with Rotary International.

Director of Logistics

Daisy Lopez

With RYLA Since: 2011

Schools attended: San Francisco State University

Daisy has been involved with RYLA staff since 2011 and has served as a member of the leadership team, and now serves as the Director of Logistics. Outside of RYLA, she is a 3rd grade teacher in San Francisco at Longfellow Elementary School. RYLA is a special place to Daisy because she in constantly inspired by the staff and campers. Working with high school students and counselors directly informs her teaching and professional development and gives her hope for her students in the future.

Support Staff Intern

Christina Koopmans

Camper Year: 2015


Schools Attended: Santa Teresa High School, Cal Poly, SLO, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (MCPHS)


Christina was a camper at RYLA in 2015 and the following year, 2016, became a counselor. Christina feels that RYLA is a place of beauty and grounding and allows campers to grow, learn, and be their best selves. After being involved in the Interact Club in high school, Christina went on to continue exercising her leadership at Cal Poly where she was on the executive board for the Colleges Against Cancer Club. Christina graduated from Cal Poly in 2020, then went on to pursue her goal of being a nurse by attending MCPHS in Boston to get her second bachelor’s degree.


Support Staff Intern

Michaela Jose

Camper Year: 2011

Schools Attended: Marymount Manhattan College
Michaela was a camper sponsored by Los Gatos Morning Rotary Club in 2011. She recently relocated back to the Bay Area from Manhattan, New York. For the past 5 years she has been in NYC pursuing her dream of being a Musical Theatre Actress.
In her free time she enjoys hiking, baking, and learning new things (guitar, collecting records, and trying fresh plant based recipes).

Support Staff Intern 

Maurus Dumalaog

Schools Attended: John Marshall High School, San Francisco State University, UCLA

I am an actor, educator, entrepreneur and activist. I have built a professional career in the arts, secondary/higher education and have recently developed a lifestyle apparel brand known as Brown Brilliant & Beautiful. 

I entered into RYLA as a Leadership Staff Member in 2011 and now serve as an intern to help develop Virtual RYLA. Looking forward to meeting you all!